JHA’s New Report on IYC-Joliet

Here is a new report from the John Howard Association about IYC-Joliet. Some key highlights from the report include:

* Joliet suffers from a general lack of staffing. A reduction in population or an increase in funding is absolutely necessary to meet the needs of the youth.

* Cook County Jail currently sends juvenile parolees charged with adult crime to DJJ. While this practice alleviates overcrowding at Cook County Jail, it creates significant operational problems at Joliet.

* Current limitations on mental health classifications in Joliet will lead to inadequate mental health treatment or security risks.

* Due to a recent change, Joliet’s administration is unable to use its youth benefit fund effectively to reward and encourage good behavior.

* Committing offenses: 6 Murder, 24 Class X felonies, 51 Class 1 felonies, 69 Class 2 felonies, 40 Class 3 felonies, 42 Class 4 felonies, 4 Class A misdemeanors.

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