Juvenile Justice Initiative: Juvenile Drug Arrests in CY2011- Disproportionate Minority Contact

JJI Policy Research Analyst Kanako Ishida studied the disproportionate representation of minorities in the juvenile justice system in Illinois in calendar year 2011 by analyzing data from Criminal History Record Information.

Among her findings:

• African American youth were over represented at the point of arrests at a level triple their representation in the general youth population.

• Although only thirty nine percent of youth (up to 17 years of age) are in Cook County, sixty four percent of arrests came from Cook County in CY2011.

• Cook County accounted for 69 percent of overall Illinois drug offense arrests.

• African American youth were over represented in drug arrests at a level double their representation in Cook County youth population.

• Fifty two percent of African American youth arrested for drug offense in Cook County was arrested for felonies while only nine percent of white youth were arrested for felonies.

Click here to read the full report.


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