CPS Suspensions and Expulsions Data Summary

We worked very diligently over the past of couple of years with our allies as part of the Chicago Student Safety Act Coalition to push the Chicago Public Schools to improve their discipline data transparency.

In late February 2014, for the first time ever, the District published school discipline data on its website.

Today, we are sharing a few summaries of CPS discipline data for public use.

1. Suspensions & Expulsions (Citywide SY12-SY14S1) – this is summary data that is available on the CPS website as an EXCEL document. You can also find discipline data for individual schools on the site.

2. CPS Suspensions and Expulsion Data Summary SY11-13 (PDF)- this is summary by the Office of College and Career Services (which we have reproduced).

3. CPS Suspensions and Expulsions SY12-13REV (PDF) — This is a fact sheet summary of discipline data that includes arrests.

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