Train the Trainer Materials (Oct 2011)

As promised here are the materials that were included in your binders for the October 22nd Juvenile Justice Snapshot Train the Trainer Session. The only items not included here are the individual district data handouts that were provided to you (these included the numbers on court referrals, petitions, and probation). If you need a copy of those documents, please e-mail me directly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Data Center: Knowledge Center Handout

Chart: Data in the Illinois Juvenile Justice System

Arresting Justice: A Report about Juvenile Arrests in Chicago 2009 & 2010

Arrests by Race & Sex by District 2010

Juvenile Arrest Worksheet Oct 2011

2009 Data for Chicago Youth

General Youth Data – October 2011

general youth data worksheet – October 2011

Cook County Detention data CY2010


2009-2010 North Lawndale Juvenile Justice Snapshot (June 2011)

Instructions for creating Excel graphs by Erica Hughes



Number of Disconnected Youth Ages 16 to 19, Chicago, 2009

Percentage of Disconnected Youth Ages 16-19, Chicago, 2009

Percentage of Families Below 100% of Federal Poverty Level, Chicago, 2009

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